Make sure your corporates know HOW you can help them achieve great results

“Talk about the results, not the **how** is the mantra in the marketing world”

But it’s a bit different when working with corporate clients – you actually have to give them some idea of HOW you’ll help them achieve results.

The concept vs the features of your program

There is a difference between the concept and approach you use vs the detailed features of your program (which, by the way, should be tailored to your specific prospects’ needs).

The concept might for example say that you use a modular approach, where each element builds on the previous one and gives an idea of why each module is valuable.

The features would be things like the number of sessions, the exact tools, and the exercises you’ll use.

Let’s look at some examples…

For example, a mindset coach that empowers female leaders might describe their approach this way:

“Our approach consists of interactive sessions where participants explore their own leadership styles and how they are helpful or not in different situations to break down barriers to their career development [the HOW].

This allows us to develop a highly customized action plan for each participant to work towards their goal rather than following a prescribed progression template” [why this HOW]

How this is different from simply stating what you do

This is very different from setting out that you would use X number of sessions of Y length each, where you cover the DISC profile in session 1, take an emotional intelligence assessment in session 2, and gain some assertiveness training in session 3, etc, etc.

Can you see the difference?

The latter bit is what should be reserved for later conversations – if your prospect is even interested in the details.

But the first bit is crucial to get (and keep) the conversation going.

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