Not every high-paying opportunity is always the right one

That time when someone wanted to pay me high-ticket fees but I turned them down.

As you know, my focus is all about showing coaches and consultants how to land multiple 4 and 5-figure corporate contracts.

And I love what I do because I get to work with awesome people who don’t just want to make a quick $$$ but actually want to make the corporate world (and the whole world) a better place.

An experience I recently had

So when this apparently experienced coach approached me for 1:1 coaching, I was rearing to go – they seemed to have all the passion for change…


They didn’t want to network. Or reach out to prospects. Or go to their existing contacts.

That makes getting corporate clients in the short-term next to impossible. They also didn’t want to write for publications, LinkedIn or speak at events.

When I asked how they hoped to win clients, their answer was to “attract” them.

I still don’t really know what that means if not one or more of the methods I have mentioned above…

But it did become clear to me that this lovely person was not a good fit to work with me.

Even if they had the money.

Things to remember

People who can get the best results winning corporate clients combine:
>> Expertise and passion for their topic,
>> The willingness to take radical responsibility, and
>> The desire to make an impact while taking action
(plus wanting to have a healthy dose of fun in their business)


My latest offer

If that’s you and you are currently making 5-10k/month for your coaching or consulting business, DM me for details of The Launch Codes to Corporate Clients – my unique hybrid 1:1 and small group (4max) program where I teach you everything you need to land 4 and 5-figure contracts with corporates in as little as 2-4 weeks.

We’ll have a brief chat in messenger or Zoom to evaluate the kind of results possible.

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