Part 2 of 4 – What to include in your proposal

In yesterday’s post, I talked in detail about the first vital component you need to include in your proposal to corporate clients if you want a conversion rate of above average (8 out of 10 is my current rate).

Today I will share the next part which is often a big stumbling block for coaches and experts:


This part is called the objectives section and it is all about translating the client’s requests into a series of outcomes from your work.

Here you outline the results they can expect from working with you.

By the way, this is not the place for features, aka how many sessions you offer, what tools you use, etc.

Also, make sure to not use commodity phrases like “team-building”, “executive coaching” or “improved collaboration” and instead link this section clearly to the results they want to see.

For example, if their staff is struggling with new remote working arrangements, you might say things like:

“Our work is designed to help your new remote staff to:

– Reduce stress when working from home
– Ensure a healthy work/life balance
– Prevent feelings of burnout while employees are balancing multiple responsibilities of work, taking on new responsibilities, caring for others, and tackling other challenges.

A tactic I use

🔥 A neat trick that I use and that my clients always comment on is to give them an idea of the short-term measures of success that I will use to assess how well things are going – even before the full project is completed. 🔥

For example, if I run a series of workshops to help new remote working leaders, I would say

“We will track the impact of the program using these short-term measures of success via:

– % of active participation by the leadership team in the online sessions
– Feedback following each session
– Employee feedback after 3 weeks on the leaders’ communication effectiveness”

People love it because it shows that I have a structured and practical approach to the work I deliver and that they will know that it’s on track to get the results, even before the work is completed.

This allows you to tap deeply into your buyer’s brain and overcome the unconscious cognitive biases that stop them from saying YES.

What I can offer you

Training you on how to circumvent those is just one area where I bring my 20+ years of experience as a corporate decision-maker and CFO into play when you join one of my business mentoring programs.

All mentoring is 100% customized to your needs – let’s have a no-pressure chat to evaluate what the best next step for your business is.

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