Two examples, but only one is valuable when presenting your offer

Yesterday I talked about how you don’t need fancy materials, print-outs, tech, or other props to sell 5-figure contracts to corporate clients as a coach or expert.

Today, let me give you two scenarios using the example of a wellness coach – and I’ll let you decide which one is more appealing (and if you read on, I will tell you).

Scenario A)

You offer a standard approach that gives employees some advice about nutrition, some tips for exercising, and maybe a few ideas about using mindfulness.

Packaged this way, you will be competing with all the other wellness coaches and companies giving the same type of advice – and struggle to charge more than the going market rate.

You will need fancy materials, claims of mindblowing insights no one else has ever seen before and snazzy marketing to stand out from all the others!

Scenario B)

You focus on providing specific, tangible outcomes for your clients

E.g. Through your discovery call with the client, you know that your prospect wants to reduce employee stress to reduce sickness absence.

E.g. In your conversations, you notice that their managers need to become aware of the daily stressors their people experience, so you facilitate an open dialogue between them.

E.g. You design 3-5 x60min sessions with minimal materials required (maybe a couple of simple slides, some flipcharts if delivering in person).

Did you guess which is better?

Trust me, scenario B) is the one corporate buyers will choose!

Because this is highly customized and has a very tangible outcome, you can charge anything from $5k-$20k for such a program.

This simple example shows you that it’s really not difficult to package your expertise for corporate clients and you can **absolutely** dispose of all the extra *things*!

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