Painkiller or Vitamin? Part 2

I recently talked about why the advice to push the “pain” of an issue is often NOT a good idea when you are talking to corporate prospects.

And I want to build on this.

What I noticed is that many expert consultants and coaches who see their solution as a “painkiller” (and position themselves as such) try to go after those corporates who seem to be in the biggest need of their offer.

E.g. If you are a stress coach, you might target companies that are among the “100 most stressful organizations to work for”. Or if (like me) you work in improving employee experience, you might be tempted to contact the businesses on a “worst companies to work for” list.

Why you shouldn’t go for the companies ‘most’ in need


Because very often, the organizations who are most in need of your offer and who need the “painkiller” (e.g. they are the ones with the biggest employee issues, senior executive stress or lowest productivity, etc) are NOT your ideal clients.

Yes, you read that right; very often companies that have a big need for your help are NOT the best to work with.

Because the reason that they have such large challenges is usually a result of a prevailing mindset and culture that frequently comes right from the top.

And because these organizations are led by people who create negative cultures, it is very difficult, if not impossible for outside consultants or experts to make a tangible difference.

Plus, it often sucks the joy out of your work, too.

My own experience

A few years ago, I made the mistake of working with a company with a toxic work culture. It was horrible.

They desperately needed the help I could give them, but their leadership never acknowledged that they were the root cause of the infighting, backstabbing, and low productivity.

They had hired me to be SEEN to be doing something, not to actually DO something.

So my work, though very much needed, had very little impact. And I felt awful the whole time while delivering it…

So if you are not working with dreamboat corporate clients, it might be because you perceive and POSITION your offer as a painkiller, attracting the wrong type of clients (if any at all).

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