Why I should be your business mentor

If you are more turned on by the thought of someone doing the laundry for you than the romantic advances of your partner, then why are you surprised that you don’t finish the templated, cookie-cutter courses and coaching (and aren’t getting results)?

I’m kidding, of course. Someone doing the laundry IS super sexy, but let’s be real; if the cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all approach worked, we’d all be swimming in money in Scrooge McDuck fashion 🦆

⁣But we’re not – and no, cookie-cutter solutions don’t work, especially not when it comes to landing CORPORATE CLIENTS.

Let me introduce myself

I’m Miriam, the Queen of Landing Corporate Clients.
I am a BUSINESS MENTOR, helping coaches and experts land 5 and 6-figure corporate clients (often in addition to their 1:1 work).

And unlike your average garden variety business coach, I have made it my mission to help experts land high-paying CORPORATE clients.

Early on, I got burned by trying different coaches and programs designed for online businesses because they DO NOT help for working with corporates.

And I got burned by those who said they’re working with corporates – when really they meant working with 1-10 people businesses.

Reasons to work with me

I don’t regurgitate methods designed to grow online businesses pretending they are all the same when you want to work with businesses with 250+ employees.
❌ ⁣I don’t spout advice based on theory; I am doing the work myself as a corporate advisor in my 10-year consultancy.
❌ I don’t just see you as a way to make bank – I am on a mission to get you to work with corporates because that way we can change corporate culture – next stop: changing the world

I am highly qualified to mentor you because:
👑I’ve been a corporate consultant, trained with one of the top 4 firms in the world, seeing boardrooms and decision-making first hand in Fortune 100 companies
👑I’ve been the corporate decision-maker & CFO, deciding on $$$$$ purchases of all kinds of coaching and consulting for the companies I work for
👑I’ve been running my own consulting firm, making 6-figures working part-time around my young son

But most of all, I care DEEPLY about your success.

Not just because I am nice like that (I am) but also because I KNOW that when you improve the lives of corporate leaders, decision-makers and employees, you’re making a direct impact to help them make more positive decisions for the society around them. Cool, right?

Contact me

So if you are ready to make corporate clients a reality for your business, get in touch with me via DM or email (miriam@impactfulnesslab.com) – and we’ll explore what kind of results you could get with one of my customized mentorship programs.

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With more than 20years experience as a corporate decision-maker and CFO, 8+years running my own 6-figure consultancy I KNOW exactly what goes on in corporate mindsets – and how to sneak into their brain, charm their mind and get them to throw their budget at you.

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