Why landing corporates are a great opportunity for you and your business

I get it, I really do. As a small business, it can seem near impossible that you could ever work with corporate clients.

I mean, they seem so polished, in their glitzy offices and so accomplished in what they do – why would they even need you?

They (can) appear so inaccessible!

And even when you know they do need what you offer, the effort required to work with them can feel daunting.

Even when you come from a corporate background, it can still feel overwhelming…

But think, the opportunity is massive.

It is massive in 3 ways:

Opportunity 1 – The financial gain

The first (and actually least significant) is the financial opportunity (like getting paid 4k+ for a 2hr online session or 15k for 3x90min online coaching…).

Corporates pay WELL for experts!

But that’s not where the opportunity stops.

Opportunity 2 – The expansion of your network

The second opportunity is that once you start working with a corporate, it becomes infinitely easier to get the next client. And the next…

That means you don’t have to be marketing 24/7 anymore. Think of all that time saved…

Opportunity 3 – Your impact on the world

But the biggest and most important opportunity (for me at least) is that you get to make a massive impact on a lot of people in one go!

Just imagine how many people’s lives you get to touch with your work – the impact you can have.

For passion-driven entrepreneurs and small businesses, that’s the biggest attractor – and when you lean into your passion, it becomes almost impossible for corporates NOT to hire you.

The other aspect, e.g. getting them to say YES is just logistics – and I can help you with that.

As a former consultant with one of the world’s largest consultancies and as a former senior corporate decision-maker and CFO, as well as a current corporate consultant, I know exactly what small businesses need to land 4, 5 and 6-figure contracts with corporate clients, where they not only do the work they love but make a massive positive impact on the world too!

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