Why your current marketing strategies don’t work when selling to corporates


Sorry… at least not at the moment.

Your standard online lead gen (you, the conversation-starting posts, all the “get to know you better” posts, and even freebies like lead magnets and webinars) don’t work when you’re selling to corporate clients.

You might as well put your automated funnel away now…

I have written extensively about what works instead (I even have a little post series, comment if you want to be tagged), but in this post, I’m going to explain the behavioural psychology of WHY those marketing strategies don’t work when selling to corporates.

How we view social media

See, as online entrepreneurs, we’re used to spending time on social media for work.

We pop on here to check out trends, see what others in our niche are doing, build and grow relationships, share our insights and look for solutions to our problems.

It’s second nature to us!

vs how corporates view social media

But for people in a 9-5, social media is predominately for fun. For distraction. Maybe for looking how to get out of the 9-5…

So, yes, it’s true that even senior decision-makers are on social media – but they don’t go there to look for solutions to their work problems!

Remember, even in 2021, 36% of companies blocked social media on their servers during business hours. Of course, since the pandemic and widespread WFH, this is less effective than when people were in the office, but it’s indicative of how companies (and their decision-makers) view social media.

So would you really expect them to hop on Instagram to solve their internal communication challenges? Or download a freebie on Facebook to help them with their inclusion issues?

They don’t generally go there to network or build relationships, either.

That’s even true of LinkedIn.

Yes, apparently there are 90m senior influencers on LinkedIn, but what that statistic does not tell you is that a large proportion of those (if not most) are not very active here.

Or their PA is actually managing the account.

Yes, to maintain a presence on LinkedIn, post some thought-provoking pieces & to connect and generate conversations.

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