Will corporate organizations buy what you sell?

“I didn’t know this was possible” 

When I heard this the third time in literally 48hrs, I knew I needed to say something. And not just in my one-on-one conversations. I mean, I am really glad to help the lovely ladies I talked to, opening their eyes to the opportunities for their businesses that were RIGHT IN FRONT of them. 

But there’s only one of me and only so many conversations I can have and I want this message to go out to all of those people who would not contact me, who would just sit and wonder and then put the idea out of their head as “it’s not possible – at least not for me”.

What is this thing I am talking about? The question that kept cropping up was: “would corporate organizations buy what I have to offer?” 

And I will share the 3 specific tests you can take to find out the answer in less than 2.7 minutes PLUS they give you an indication of how quickly you can land your first (or next) corporate client.

Why would you want to work with corporates? 

Pretty much all coaches and consultants that I know want to reach more people and know that their skills, their expertise, and their gift can make a difference in the world. 

Where do you find a lot of people in one place? In corporate organizations! 

When you work with corporate clients in your coaching or consulting business, you can touch many multiples of people – fancy working with groups of 5-10 people? Or speaking to 50-100? Or reaching 1000 in one go? All of the above and much more is possible when you work with corporates. 

With the right structure and setup, you could change and improve the lives of thousands. Like my student Jessica who runs stress and work/life balance coaching sessions for software developers. Even though her sessions are delivered online and there are hundreds on each call, she gets messages all the time from the individuals who experience a profound improvement in their stress levels as a result of her work. 

And of course, working with corporates has another significant benefit: they pay well! 

While organizations are certainly budget conscious in the current economic climate, they are even more value conscious. They know that to survive, they need to get all their ducks in a row – and that they don’t have all the expertise in house. 

That’s where you come in: corporates are buying in more services than ever! As long as you can show that you bring value for them, they will not quibble over price.

Working with corporate clients can mean your business is making a big impact AND earning big income!

So how do you know if this is possible for you?

The short answer is: if what you do improves the lives of individuals, chances are that corporates will want to hire you. 

The reason is simple. Despite the popular belief that corporate businesses are only interested in profits and will sacrifice their people at the drop of a hat, this is just not true*. Because smart companies (aka those that survive longer) know that the only sustainable route to those profits is by looking after their people. 

And it’s not even just the drive for profits that makes them care for their people. Again, contrary to the cliche about the heartless manager, there are many, many leaders and managers who care about their people because they are good people* themselves and it’s the decent human thing to do. (*don’t get me wrong there are asshats around, too – but the beauty is that you get to choose who to work with when you work for yourself! #neverworkwithshittyclients).

So here are the three easy tests that will tell you if corporates are ready to snap up your offer (and pay high bucks for it):

  • Does what you do improve the lives of individuals? Especially on the back of the pandemic, companies are looking to improve the performance of their employees as well as their wellbeing, health and safety. That means if your work helps (or can be positioned to help) in any of those categories, corporates will buy from you.
  • Can the benefits of your work be linked to corporate priorities? Corporate priorities are making or saving money, performance, productivity, branding and positioning, market share and innovation. And if you said yes in the question above, your work can most likely be linked to one of those priorities. For example, if you advise on diversity and inclusion, the benefits of your work can help companies improve their market positioning and branding as a responsible and caring company.
  • Are there others who already offer what you do to corporates? If so, that is a very good indication that there is a market for your offer, too. Never fear competition – the very fact that others play in the same pool, means the idea is viable and businesses have accepted the idea that they need this kind of offer. This is important, because while being a trailblazer can feel great, it’s also hard work. Being the first to sell what you do to corporates means it’s not yet common in business settings which in turn means you might find it harder to find clients who are ready to buy. It’s important to stand out AND not be too far out!

If you answered yes to these questions, your offer is something that is highly attractive to larger business clients. 

But how fast will they buy?

Because this is the most constant worry that I hear from coaches who are new corporate clients. 

And the true answer is that it depends. 

It depends on exactly how you package your offer and how you position yourself in the market. 

With the right offer, I have sold work to cold corporate contacts in as little as 4 days, but those are outliers. The most realistic timeframes for simple offers that require not a lot of time and logistics commitment from the prospect and fall into multiple 4 or 5-figure ranges are up to 30 days. 

Want to find out if you’re ready to sell to corporates and how quickly you could get your first (or next corporate client?

Send me a message here: miriam@impactfulnesslab.comOr book a call: https://bookme.name/impactfulnesslab/lite/landing-corporate-clients-diagnostic-session

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