Your clients’ everyday pain points

You already KNOW that when creating your 4 & 5-figure corporate offer as a coach or consultant, you gotta be *superclear* on the type of challenges you can help your prospects with, right?

Some challenges you may want to help tackle

Maybe you want to help empower professional women.

Or help employees experience less stress and have a better work/life balance.

Potentially, you want to develop more emotionally intelligent leaders. Or help teams deliver projects faster. These are all AWESOME goals.

But they are also a bit vague. When you make such offers, you are essentially asking the prospect to fill in the gaps of what exactly that means.

Give them a hand (and position yourself as the person who truly understands them) by coupling your BIG solution with your prospects’ “small but significant” pains.

What are those, you might ask?

Specific pain points to look out for

Those are the pains that are not at the same scale as poor communication, lacking leadership or high-stress workloads.


They are the pains that your prospects are seeing every day. And they’re pulling their hair out over them. A non-exhaustive list of common and small but significant pains are:

  • Too many meetings so they cannot concentrate on their work
  • Missed deadlines so that they have to deal with angry customers or stakeholders
  • Too many long email trails which are a time suck
  • Conflict in their team
  • Team members not taking responsibility for their own work
  • Not hitting weekly/monthly/annual targets
  • Team members being stressed out and not delivering high quality of work
  • Top employees leaving
  • High levels of sickness absence among their people

When you link your work to the BIG pains & these smaller but significant ones, your offer becomes instantly exciting – because corporate clients can **picture** themselves in a world where those pains are gone.

What I can offer you

Fancy creating a corporate offer like that & selling it like hotcakes? I am putting the final touches on a brand new paid offer to help complete newbies create their first 4-figure offer in rocket time (i.e. less than 5 days) – comment with ROCKET or 🚀 and I’ll tag you with more info

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