Finding the right corporate contacts – Part Four

I have previously shared with you the people in corporates who are the keenest to hire you (it’s not who you might think, but check out yesterday’s post to know more!)

👉The second group of people you should reach out to in a corporate organization also feel the pain but on a different level.

They are one (or more) steps removed from the impact of the challenge, but they have strategic goals and targets they cannot meet because of the issue.

This means they are still stressed about the challenges faced, they are still worried on both professional and personal levels, but they probably don’t feel it as acutely as the people with the tactical pain (check out yesterday’s post to remind you).

To illustrate the difference: a senior manager or director with a tactical pain worries about their direct team e.g. product developers who miss client deadlines.

Whereas the director or VP at the strategic level worries about the impact on client relationships and plans for market expansion when clients are unhappy about the missed deadlines.

The people at the strategic level will likely listen to suggestions for how the challenges should be resolved and have often larger budget authority to buy quickly.

The good ones will have the ear of the tactical peeps too 😉

As you can see, making the most of your outreach involves understanding how corporate buyers think and what their priorities are.

If you want to benefit from my insights as a former CFO and senior corporate decision-maker AND make higher-paying corporate clients a reality for your business, let’s have a no-pressure chat to see if one of my bespoke mentorship programs is right for you.

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