How to know when corporates are ready to buy your offer

It’s time to chat about how you can find corporate clients who are actually ready to buy.

You know, the kind who are looking at letting a 5-figure contract for the right individual help with their challenge. 

We all know that sending cold spam emails to unresearched prospects not only feels bad but is also not very effective. 

Of course, when you research your niche and your prospect, you can send emails that are targeted and specific. I have had great success with smart emails (as do my students – you can read more about how to research your prospects effectively here):

And today I want to share with you something that takes that approach up a notch.

Use buying triggers!

What are buying triggers?

Buying triggers are those events, situations and occurrences that cause your prospects to realize they need help. And that they need help now – not at some point in the distant future. 

Of course, if you make your offer at that point in time and it speaks to this newly realized urgent need, you are much more likely to get their attention. 

For example, your prospect might have felt that their team could be more productive but when the company announces a massive new project, their need to increase team performance becomes urgent.

While there are many triggers you could monitor, the kind that I tend to focus on are these:

Internal buying triggers

Internal triggers relating to someone I have identified as a prospect

These include things like:

  • A new job
  • A promotion
  • Other changes to their role (e.g. a new location, restructuring of their teams)
  • Lots of new hires

External buying triggers

I also look at external triggers such as announcements by the company about mergers and acquisitions, new products or new markets they want to break into or some other major change to the business.

All of those events allow getting in touch with my prospect and finding out if they need my help to increase their employee engagement, while creating happy workplaces that perform at the highest levels (though I use different, more tangible words in my actual messages).

Using buying triggers does two things; it means you create a connection with your prospect at a time when they are likely to think about needing your help AND it shows them that you know what’s going on with them. 

And people buy from people who make them feel understood!

Useful resources

The best news?

It’s not even very difficult to find buying triggers. Here are my favourite sources to use: 

  • Check out LinkedIn Notifications & Job alerts
  • Flick through industry publications
  • Pay attention to what companies are saying about their plans on their websites – maybe subscribe to their newsletter
  • Set up a few Google alerts for specific companies

What I can offer you

When I work 1:1 with coaches and experts who want to land corporate clients, we define exactly which buying triggers are the most relevant and how to monitor them effectively. 

In addition, I help you design your layered lead generation strategy that plays to your personal strengths, that you can implement consistently and that actually cuts down on the time and energy you need to fill your diary with prospective client calls.

I also work with you on focusing on the right niche that you are excited about working with, help you with your marketing message so that you attract only those prospects who are right for you and teach you how to have simple but effective sales conversations and create proposals that convert at approximately 80% of the time.

Following this program, you should be able to have 1-2 explorative conversations with ideal corporate prospects per week (if you reach out to sufficient numbers) and book 1-2 new corporate clients per month for your business for $5k-$15k contracts.

If you’re interested in the program, the next step is to DM me and we’ll have a chat in messenger to see if it’s a good match for your business.

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