Is there a standard rate I need to charge for my work?

There is no standard rate for experts.

Please don’t think you have to fit into a **market rate** if you want to work with corporate clients as a coach or consultant.

I know that a lot of people think that you can only charge $XXX for a workshop or $YYY for a piece of training, but candidly speaking – that’s a load of rubbish.

A lovely, fabulous lady asked about this just the other day, thinking there is a market standard for what you can charge as a coach or consultant.

Two key factors to determine pricing

Let me tell you, there are really just **two factors** that determine what you can charge for your work with corporate clients:

>>How important and pressing the issue is that you help to solve, and

>>If you are perceived as an expert by your prospect as someone who can help them where other attempts have failed.

If the problem you help to solve isn’t seen as important or urgent by a particular company, they will not pay top dollar for your work (though another will!).

Similarly, if you are not seen as an expert who stands out from the crowd, you will be compared to others and yes, that includes the price you charge.

That is why I personally know of a communications trainer who only charges £850 for a day’s workshop but I also know a stress coach who charges $15,000 for 3×90 min online coaching sessions.

Remember these three things

So the key to charging substantially more than the “average” is to make sure you stand out, position yourself as an expert and speak to those corporates who see the importance of your work!

(I have written extensively on HOW to actually do this – please let me know if you’d like more info)

And if you are ready to get started with corporates yourself and want to position yourself as the expert that can charge multiple 4 and 5-figures for their work, these are exactly where my expertise lies.

What I can offer you

Right now I have not just one, but two perfect offers for coaches who want to get started with corporates fast – at a super affordable price. DM me or leave a 🚀 below and we’ll have a no-strings-attached chat to see if you can get great results from working with me.

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