Out with the old, and in with the new!

“The greatest danger in times of turbulence is not the turbulence; it is to act with yesterday’s logic.” (Peter Drucker)

But this is exactly what many, MANY businesses do – every day.

A recent example – working from the office vs from home

See all that debate about calling people back into the office?

This comes straight from the times when work could not be done elsewhere other than at “work”.

Like back in the 1960s…

One of the most popular arguments for returning to the office is about collaboration; Employees need to be physically together, so we’re told, to collaborate and be innovative.

And that’s not possible when everyone is working from separate locations (so we are told…)

Why it’s time to ditch the old thinking

But no matter how loud the CEOs of Goldman Sachs, Government Ministers, and iron-fisted leaders shout (who, btw work from wherever they like), the evidence is clear that working full time from the office is NOT the best for employees or companies… (ask me for the link to the research).

So now the genie is out of the bottle and employees are resisting “going back”. As a result, companies that want to thrive need to stop applying old logic and try out something new.

How your expertise can be useful

And here’s where you as an expert consultant come in.

Because in this environment, companies will need passionate coaches and consultants that can help their people (and their leaders) better manage:

– Stress and work/life balance
– Communication
– Collaboration
– Mental and physical well-being
– Team dynamics (e.g. extroverts vs introverts)
– Emotional intelligence
– Agile ways of working
– Customer engagement
– Employee experience
– Parenting challenges
– Sleep issues
– Decision-making

and so many other topics.

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