Some practical examples of helping your clients’ pains

Building on yesterday’s post on how coaches who work with leaders and managers can land 5-figure contracts with corporate clients, I’m going to give you some super practical examples

As a mindset coach, you can work with leaders and managers to resolve challenges in multiple ways:

👉 E.g leaders find themselves in too many meetings – this indicates that they need to delegate more.

Holding back from delegating illustrates that they might have limiting beliefs about their team or their own ability to get results if they don’t do everything themselves.

Your approach to an organization could be:
“Improve your team’s productivity by 25% by upgrading your leadership and delegation mindset”.

👉 Or an executive team might be frustrated that their organization isn’t hitting goals for business growth, so they hire a mindset coach to help challenge themselves and their direct reports to make better decisions to achieve their targets.

As the coach, you help them to break through mental blocks that keep them stuck when they “play it safe”.

Here you could say: “Develop a winning mindset and culture to hit your business goals”.

👉 Or an HR director is struggling to attract and retain top talent.

To help with this, they might want to create a program to help empower emerging female leaders to improve the perception of the organization in the market.

In this case, you would work with the high-potential women leaders and help them build confidence in their ability and performance while maybe also helping them establish a better work/life balance.

A mindset coach might suggest something like: “Empower your female rising stars to greater success by installing a leader’s mindset”.

In all of those situations, your skills as a mindset coach will be highly valued by the business because it solves a pain that they are struggling with.

In addition to the emotional value of your work, you must also demonstrate the rational, tangible impact your work has on the company – and I will take you through that tomorrow!

Want to fast-track to land corporate clients? Get in touch about my customized mentorship programs and we’ll have a no-pressure chat about if this can work for you!

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