Wanna know a secret or two?

My secret sauce is focusing entirely on helping experts get corporate clients using genuine buyer psychology and BEHAVIORAL insights.

Say what?!

As a corporate consultant with over 20 years of experience as a senior decision-maker, I know how corporate buyers think.

And as a former CFO who approved BIG spends on coaching, consulting, and other experts, I know how to get them to say YES to your offer.

So why is my experience relevant?

My experience means I know what goes into a premium corporate offer that has customers wanting to go through their budget with you (even if they tell others they don’t have the budget).

It also means:

💎 Creating unique, premium services for experienced consultants in the corporate world that make you stand out in the world of bland

💎 Unlearning the things that haven’t worked for you (and were never designed to)

💎 Focusing on quality over hyped-up sales models that are hit-and-miss; meaning we use good-old-fashioned human connection

My nuggets of wisdom I can help you with

My zone of genius is:⁣
🙌 Building corporate consulting programs that get you hired again and again (meaning: less marketing needed)
🙌 Mastering your niche and how you can leverage this to stay ahead of your competitors⁣
🙌 Creating 5-figure corporate programs in a couple of days
🙌 Designing corporate offers that are so aligned with your values & vision that you cannot fail to sell them
🙌 Leveraging your unique skills and talents to build a premium business⁣
🙌 Confidently owning your uniqueness and bringing your whole authentic self into your business

⁣Just a few points to note

I LOVE working.⁣ Not in a crazy 24/7 way, but this is NOT a get rich quick, drop one message and get the millions-type thing.⁣

My motto

So, I do not work with people who⁣:

Cannot afford to INVEST⁣
❌ Do not have the courage to DO THE WORK and therefore will not achieve the RESULTS⁣
❌ People looking for a QUICK FIX⁣

But I do focus on your results. I will hold your hand, kick your bum and all in between 😉 – all the way!

I only work 1:1 right now and have a range of mentoring options, so DM me for a no-pressure chat about what might be right for you.

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With more than 20years experience as a corporate decision-maker and CFO, 8+years running my own 6-figure consultancy I KNOW exactly what goes on in corporate mindsets – and how to sneak into their brain, charm their mind and get them to throw their budget at you.

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